Land which ended up in the hands of developers after the zoning was moved from land owned by Ashbourne Community Council is for sale on the open market at almost two and a half million euros.

Auctioneers Knight Frank who are overseeing the sale of the 5.4 acres at the rear of Ashewood estate, confirmed to Meath Live, ‘We are looking at around €460,000  an acre for this which gives a total value of around €2.5 million.

In the course of the current development plan zoning for development was moved from an 8-acre site at the Community Centre to the new location owned by a developer on the recommendation of Meath County Council.

The land at Ashewood was originally zoned for agricultural use but is now zoned for development

Had the zoning remained where it was and the land been sold for the same price the community would have benefitted to the tune of €3.6 million

The news comes in the wake of another attack from the altar by priests on the lack of effort by local councillors in the Ashbourne area.

At masses, last Sunday councillors were blamed for leaving the parish in debt to the tune of €100,000 in another zoning row.

This involved lands at Killegland which have been hit with a vacant site levy for that amount after land owned by the parish was not used for a number of years and subsequently, five councillors moved to have the zoning transferred to a different location on land adjacent to the town’s bypass

It is not yet known if the parish has paid the levy, or what measures can be used to enforce payment if none is forthcoming.