Sinn Féin councillor Michael Gallagher has described calls by Fianna Fáils Paul McCabeto amend a motion Gallagher had before the May meeting last Monday to include controversial British army officer Robert Nairac as ‘not logical’.

The motion related to the exhumation and reburial in consecrated ground of a group of Irish rebels from the 19th century known as

The Invincibles were a splinter group of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. This group  were active in Dublin between late 1881 and 1883, with an intent to kill the authorities in Dublin Castle.

When they were captured they were hung in Kilmainham jail and their bodies buried in the jails yard.

Robert Nairac was a British army captain who operated in the murder triangle area of South Armagh during the Troubles, he has been linked to both the Miami showband massacre and the Dublin/Monaghan bombings, he was kidnapped and believed to have been executed by the IRA although no body has ever been found.

Gallagher told Meath Live, ‘ I am totally appalled at the suggestion that the councillor would even consider putting Nairac on the same page as Irish patriots, Nairac was an SAS operator who worked in collusion with the security forces the UDA and UVF .

‘The descendants of the Invincibles have through the National Graves Association requested their reburial and that is why I anda number of other councillors around the country have submitted motions calling on various councils to support them.

‘I find it strange that a member of the so called nationalist party would call for Robert Nairac to be included in any such motion.’

Paul McCabe has been contacted for comment