The local branch of the Ireland needs Fatima group are holding a Rosary recital on the Hill Of Tara next Saturday at 4 pm and organiser Ann Buchanan is seeking a bagpipe player to lead the procession from the gate to the statue of St Patrick here the prayers ill be said.

If anyone knows a suitable candidate message us here or get in touch with Ann on her Facebook page at

The service itself is set to begin at 4 pm and is one of over 500 such events set to take place the same day.

Ann told Meath Live, ‘There is a crisis of faith in the church at the moment and I ould just say to people leave all the obstacles out of your mind that could stop you getting involved on Saturday.

‘Don’t listen to others opinions come and join us and see for yourself what it is about.’

And if you can play the bagpipes get in touch straight away.