This is Ireland, a new play by Lucan lad Colin O’Donnell, is, according to the writer, ‘A play about how we as a society change as times change around us.’

O’Donnell, (pictured), told Meath Live, ‘ It runs for about 90 minutes and basically covers the era from the Celtic Tiger to the ‘New Tech’ age and how we have all adapted.

‘A few years back I wrote a play about the ‘Gathering’ but this is something I always wanted to tackle. It is a subject I believe needed to be looked at from a comedy viewpoint.

‘I’m looking forward to it and am not in the least nervous, okay it is a big day in my life but so was my confirmation and I wasn’t nervous about that either.’

This is Ireland, runs for two nights at the Pearse Centre Dublin2, from Thursday, May 17th, doors 7.30 pm