A woman has been jailed for almost three years after being convicted of hijacking a car in Dunshaughlin in 2017.

And at Trim Circuit Court Judge Terence O’Sullivan told the defendant Anne Nevin, ‘ It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that you could have killed the man’ after hearing ho the hijack victim had clung to the roof of a car for close to two kilometers after Nevin, of no fixed abode, sped off in it.

Nevin pleaded guilty to unlawfully seizing a Mercedes car on Main Street, Dunshaughlin and intentionally and recklessly engaging in conduct which created a risk of death or injury to another person on October 22nd, 2017.

The court heard the victim had placed his father’s 2014 Class C Mercedes for sale on Done Deal and got a call from a potential buyer who said she would meet him at Dunshaughlin Garda Station later that day.

When he arranged to meet the accused, a man got out of a red Yaris and punched him to the ground before his attacker jumped into the Mercedes and sped off in the Dublin direction.

The victim then ran to block the Yaris from leaving the local church but the defendant who was in the driver’s seat drove straight at him.

After a stuntman like dive he ended up on the bonnet, as Nevin drove on towards Dublin.

He diced with death in the dramatic dash as Nevin tried to dislodge him by driving extremely erratically overtaking other motorists and braking suddenly but the victim somehow scrambled onto the roof as he thought it would be safer there.

One witness told Gardaí she saw him on the roof with his legs dangling down the passenger’s side.

The man managed to cling on for around 1.5 kilometers before 45-year-old Nevin slammed on the brakes and he fell to the ground at Ballymurphy as she continued on towards Dublin.

The victim who suffered minor abrasions to his face and knees was later able to give Gardaí details of part of the red car’s registration number.

Gardaí established that the car had a number plate that had been stolen earlier that day and the next day, the defendant took the car to England on the Dublin to Holyhead ferry.

They also discovered that the stolen Mercedes had gone through Belfast Port on the day of the

Nevin was identified as a suspect from the phone calls made to the victim.

Initially Nevin denied her involvement but later admitted her role in the incident which she said had been planned by her estranged husband, who is due to be sentenced later this year for his role in stealing the Mercedes, which was never recovered.

A defence barrister said his client had acted out of panic when the victim jumped onto the bonnet.

However, the judge disagreed saying ‘It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that she could have killed him’.

Nevin was  jailed for two years and nine months