Dear Ticketmaster

Can I have my money back, please !!

I paid €30 for an event at which two groups were due to perform and sadly only one did.


Disgusted of Meath

If a flood of such letters were to arrive at the various ticket outlets from which Royal county football fanatics purchased for yesterday’s Leinster semi-final then the writers would have a strong case to make,

Imagine for example going to a Simon and Garfunkel show and only Paul Simon bothered to sing while Art looked on approvingly the paying punters would not be happy.

And that should be the level of anger in Meath supporters today.

Accepted the Dublin team they faced had some top-class players, they had multiple All Ireland medals, they had sublime movement, what they hadn’t got was any opposition.

The Meath football DNA is to go down fighting, quite often literally, but from as far back as this correspondent can recall, and that is to the Red Collier era of the sixties, nobody left the pitch against the wearers of the green and gold without knowing they had been in a hard physical battle.



Yesterday the team might as well have gone in and picked up the umpires white flag and waved it after five minutes because from that point on they had effectively surrendered.

When Jordan Morris collected a superb Jordan Morris pass early in the game and fired wide of the right hand post when he really should have found the net heads dropped.

Much has been made of the fact Dublin scored 17 out of 18 shots for points in the opening period much less has been made of the fact they were able to kick those efforts unchallenged.

To pick just one example, Ciaran Kilkenny got possession turned and shot over ith the nearest Meath player, Matthew Costello at least five yards away.

Or to put it another way grannies mark bingo cards better than Meath marked Dublin’s ace attacker.

Andy McEntee’s race as manager is surely run, and to be fair he hasn’t turned into a bad manager over his six years in charge, he certainly didn’t instruct his players to stand back and admire Dublins shooting. prowess.

Anyone who knows the McEntee’s down the years will agree they bleed Meath GAA so Andy will take this one to heart, the lack of fight is one thing he won’t accept.

His tactics can be questioned though as despite playing ultra defensively having failed to work against Dublin previously. It was the go to tactic again yesterday, and to nobody’s surprise, it didn’t work this time either.

The whole sorry mess as best summed up by a Meath fan on the way out from the match, thinking out loud he declared, ‘It used to be nobody wanted Meath in the qualifiers now they’ll all want to draw us.’

Sad but true.