Monday the 23rd of May 2022 was the official launch of the Navan Women’s Shed. We were Established in February 2022 by Rita Brogan. Rita says, “after speaking to many friends I realised there was a need for a place for women of Navan to gather together in a shared space to connect. When I looked around to see what groups there were I could not find any. So, I took it upon myself to form the Navan Women’s Shed”.

Our mission is to “provide a safe space for all women to reconnect with themselves and each other. To empower women to share skills with each other and to also have the confidence to learn something new. To provide a non-judgemental environment to reduce isolation and improve connectivity”.


So far, women in the group range from early twenties all the way up to their eighties. We are mothers, daughters, nieces, aunts, and grandmothers. Women all coming together for a common goal and a cup of tea. We will give women the opportunity to participate in various activities such as self-defence classes, car maintenance, sewing, special guest talks, and much more.

Our logo is a bunch of yellow roses. A yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. Yellow roses with their sunshine colour show the joy and happiness that friends bring into our lives, and as such, the yellow rose is a very appropriate symbol for our group.

If any women are interested in joining the group you can join through the Facebook page Navan Women’s Shed. So far we have received support from Navan Town Centre, Dunnes Stores.

We would like to invite you on our exciting journey to support the Women of Navan to reach their full potential. If you would like to donate to our cause or offer your services you can email us at or call Rita on 0876306448