Stephen McKee

Fianna Fáils Stephen McKee has welcomed the traffic calming measures that have been introduced at Julianstown.

McKee told Meath Live: ‘I am pleased that the Julianstown Traffic Calming Scheme which I have long-supported through the Council has received significant funding under the new Capital Investment Programme and will now progress. Traffic calming is badly needed through the village so the project can’t come soon enough.’

‘The Scheme aims to address traffic and road safety issues through Julianstown and improve the local environment for residents. Traffic volumes are almost back to pre-Covid levels, having a very negative impact on the quality of life in the village.’

‘The proposed Traffic Calming Scheme involves traffic calming on the main road through Julianstown through widening of footpaths, narrowing the carriageway, reduction of junction diameters, and improving bus stops and pedestrian crossings. I am disappointed however that traffic lights at both the Duleek and Laytown junctions which I had been calling for on behalf of residents have not been included.’

‘Even so, the Scheme presented has many positive aspects and will make life better for the residents of Julianstown. I look forward to the Scheme starting as soon as possible’ concluded McKee.