The owners of the Circle K garage at Hayestown, on the road between Navan and Beauparc, have taken to social media to try and locate a man who completely forgot to pay for his petrol there last Wednesday morning.

And according to their Facebook post plenty of people are only to willing to try and locate him for them.

Their initial post read, ‘Circle K Hayestown

Anyone know this person or the car ??? If you do can you please ask them to call back and pay for the fuel they got.
If you don’t know them. Let’s share it and see who does know him !!!! So they can ask him to call back and pay for the petrol he got this morning.’

They must have got a response as in a follow up post they explained the reasoning behind their action, and revealed the car had actually been stolen, when they said,

I would like to thank everyone who shared my post about the drive off yesterday.
Unfortunately the car was stolen. I feel so sorry for the person who’s car was stolen, this was probably their only form of transport, to get to work, leave children to school or even to get to an appointment.
I would like to let you all know I am only an agent for Circle K.
I have no control over fuel prices.
If you are concerned about the price of fuel please inform your local TD. It was highlighted when fuel had reached over the €2 per litre what VAT the government were getting out of that €2 compared to my 0.02cent I get per litre. If someone does a drive off they aren’t stealing from the oil company or the government they are taking it from my business and I have to sell an awful lot of litres to make up for that drive off.
A genuine mistake happens and the person comes back and are so sorry. I always give the benefit of the doubt to everyone.
But when I see them getting straight back into the vehicle and driving off without coming into the shop, then I phone the guards and I post it up once I have checked with them.
If by posting up that photo stopped one person from doing a drive off in any filling station then it was worth the bad comments posted on my post.
But they didn’t out number the positive ones.
So if any of our readers knows the guy you know what to do.