The infamous and much disliked Brews Hill clamper has struck yet again,

This unfortunate punter actually had a valid ticket displayed but appears to have bought it from the wrong machine!

The ticket on the car clamped by Apcoa was valid until 13.33 and the clamp was placed twelve minutes before that.

However, it seems what happened was the car owner bought the ticket from a council ticket machine on Brews Hill itself rather than the machine in what is a privately owned car park where the Forester’s Hall used to be.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out on appeal but our legal eagle suggests if it went to court the unfortunate driver would have a good case to argue as there are no signs in the private car park saying tickets must only be bought from the machine located there.

It certainly seems harsh that having obeyed the law that says he requires a parking ticket the driver should be penalised for buying from the wrong machine.

It is not even beyond the bounds of possibility that the private car park machine was broken, trust us it frequently is, and the driver determined to do the right thing went and bought one elsewhere.