The long arm of the law is reaching out to drivers who are parking illegally on residential roads in the town.

In a statement to Meath Live, they said, ‘Gardaí are aware of ongoing parking issues in the Ashbourne District, particularly Hunters Lane and Millbourne. Also vehicles parking on cycle lanes.

‘We have received increasing complaints from members of the public in recent weeks, who have been experiencing difficulty manoeuvring buggies and wheelchairs due to cars parked on footpaths and in contravention of regulatory road markings.

‘This poses a huge safety risk for all road users and pedestrians. Despite engagement with the community via local representatives and direct contact with the public, illegal parking still remains a problem.

‘Tickets in relation to parking offences have been issued.

‘The area will continue to be patrolled by Gardaí to detect illegal parking for a variety of parking offences.’