Sinn Féin TD for Meath East, Darren O’Rourke has called on Justice Minister Helen McEntee and her famous footballing uncle, Gerry, to pull on the green and gold jersey and ensure the A&E in Navan hospital remains open.
He told Meath Live,”Helen McEntee is the most senior Government TD in Meath. She is Minister for Justice and has a seat at the cabinet table. Gerry McEntee is the Clinical Director of the Ireland East Hospital Group – Navan’s Hospital Group. He is a key decision maker. Between them, Minister and Mister McEntee have it within their gift to keep Navan A&E open. I am firmly of the opinion that if they put their full effort into resisting this downgrading, then Navan A&E would be safe.
“As things stand, however, I expect Oireachtas members in Meath will be presented with a fait accompli on 13th June – that A&E and critical care services at Navan will close imminently, and that there is no other way. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael will point at each other, and at the HSE.
“This is not a scenario that can be countenanced, so time is of the essence.
“The idea that Navan Hospital would lose A&E and critical care services at a time when all other hospitals in the region are working at or beyond capacity is absolute madness. Recent figures show 1 in 4 Irish people are on a hospital waiting list. What a time to suggest reducing hospital capacity!

“The suggestion that there is no alternative is the stuff of Margaret Thatcher. Of course, there are alternatives. Instead of reducing emergency and critical care services at Navan, they could be protected and enhanced. All that is needed is the political will, some creative thinking, and some small investment. Rosters could be re-organised to ensure cover for Navan, for example. That is where the focus of Minister and Mister McEntee and their colleagues in Government and the HSE should be. They must act urgently to save Navan A&E. The people of Meath will not forgive them otherwise.”