Larry McGrane

A customer in a local supermarket has told Meath Live that all they could do was laugh when they were told they could not purchase cans of Guinness 00 the company’s non-alcoholic beer prior to 10.30 am.

Donore man Larry McGrane ( pictured above) posted on Facebook about what happened and told Meath Live, ‘I went into a local supermarket and bought a few items when I spotted cans of Guinness 00 for sale.

‘It’s a fairly new product so I decided I would try a few but when I got to the till the lady explained it wouldn’t scan through before half ten as it showed up on the machine as alcohol.

‘I was gobsmacked as by everyone’s understanding it is alcohol-free, but what could I do except laugh at the stupidity of it.’

Meath Live spoke to the owner of a different shop who confirmed they had the same difficulty.

They said ‘Apparently there is actually 0.5 of alcohol in it which is where the issue arises.’

What we want to know is how the till machine knows this!

A spokesperson for Diageo Ireland said, ‘We have heard about this before and it appears that as the product is stored in the alcoholic beverages section of shops it is governed by the rules that cover the sales of beer and spirits which means they cannot sell it before half ten in the morning on weekdays and 12 noon on Sundays.’