Navan’s feared Foresters clamper must have been on double time yesterday, (Friday), as one woman who fell victim has told Meath Live she counted a further 16 cars that had been clamped.

At €125 a go that adds up to a whopping €2125 for what would be at most a few hours work.

However, a more sinister element of the clamper’s activities has emerged.

The woman who spoke to us claimed that AFTER she had paid the release fee the clamper insisted he had to take a photo of her credit card to verify her payment.

While that’s probably not illegal it is completely unnecessary as any clamper won’t release the car until his office tells him the fee is paid.

Clearly, this clamper is taking advantage of the fact that drivers may not be thinking straight when he tries this on.

The advice is simple avoid the Foresters car park, there is one just up the road in O’Mahonys GAA grounds

In the meantime, if anyone has any more clamping horror stories get in touch.