A spate of illegal dumping close to a nature walk has sparked outrage in Dunboyne.

As recently as last month freshly dumped Christmas trees have been discovered in the woods next to Dunboyne Castle.

Dog excrement, discarded chip bags, empty cans of Guinness, plastic forks, and bizarrely a full pot of stew have been seen there as well.

Now residents are campaigning for the installation of CCTV cameras in the area.

One told Meath Live, ‘The woods are an area where kids, some as young as four, regularly play, they have built swings and tree houses there and these people who just abandon their rubbish there have made it unsafe for the kids.

‘Litter wardens cannot police the area 24/7 but cameras can and they are the only solution.’

As our exclusive photo shows what appears to be bread, potato skins and rotted fish dumped there recently the residents do have a point.