Vandals ripped down hundreds of euros worth of knitwear which was being used to highlight Pride month in a County Meath village last week.
Dozens of items in the Pride rainbow colours were torn from hoardings and thrown on the ground in an attack which shocked but didn’t surprise the women’s group who had spent around 500 hours creating the colourful display in Dunboyne.
Dunboyne Yarm Bombers, a group of ladies who knit colourful baubles and place them on tree bollards, barriers and railings around the village to celebrate various occasions, such as St Patricks day and Christmas time, had committed a huge amount of time in knitting and placing items in and around the village last week and were horrified to discover they had been ripped down on Thursday night.

In a Facebook post, the group said,

The Yarm Bombers

Monica Hannigan one of the women who runs the group told the Sunday World that while members were annoyed they were not shocked, saying, ‘This is not the first time this has happened to some of our displays, in fact since we started in 2021 we have had six different displays and all of them have been vandalised.
‘It is a small village and everyone knows everyone sow e have a fair idea who is doing it, a gang of young lads who when they get a few drinks on board think it is funny to be destructive.
‘We did the current one to tie in with Pride month, everyone knows what the colours represent and initially there was a concern it might been a homophobic attack but we are fairly sure it was just mindless vandalism, but they didn’t win anyway as we fixed all the stuff that was ripped down and put it up again the next day/
‘Look it is frustrating more than anything, the wool used to make them would have cost around €500 and between the fifteen of us in the group we would have put up to 450 hours of time into it.
‘It’s such a shame really that there are people out there who think it is funny to be destructive