An angry Michael Gallagher has blasted the Fianna Fáil members of the Kells municipal council after they broke an electoral pact with the SF man which should have seen him elected as area chairman earlier this week.

Gallagher claims there was an agreement between himself and the FF members which should have seen him take over the chair from FF’s Mike Bray.

Gallagher’s vote ensured Bray’s election last year.

Gallagher told Meath Live, ‘The reason they gave me was that I had voted against the budget for the roads programme, they had no problem with me voting against it last year when I supported their man for the chair.

‘To me Kells FF members are the same as the DUP up north they will do anything to keep Sinn Féin out of power, and what annoyed me even more was the fact they hadn’t the courtesy to call me and say I wasn’t getting the chair I only discovered it at the meeting,’

‘I have a clean record in every regard, politically and more importantly legally but that appears to count for nothing.’

The FF members used their vote to see Fine Gael councillor Eugene Cassidy take office yet incredibly Cassidy wasn’t even at the meeting to receive his chains.

Gallagher revealed, ‘Eugene was at the meeting via Zoom and attempted to chair it from his own house and it didn’t work out too well, it’s highly unusual that an incoming chairman doesn’t even attend the first meeting at which he receives his chain of office.’