The boy racers who have been terrorising the residents of Dunboyne en route to regular weekend ‘meets’ at the M3 Parkway station were the focus of Garda attention last Friday night when a number of Garda units assisted local guards in placing checkpoints in the area.

A Garda spokesperson told Meath Live, ‘Gardaí carrying out proactive patrols in the Dunboyne area, Co. Meath last Friday night observed an assembly of vehicles at approximately 10:00 pm. A checkpoint was carried out at the entrance to the location and Fixed Charge Penalty Notices were issued to any vehicles committing traffic offences.’

The move has found mixed reactions on social media with one poster on the Dunboyne Notice Board saying, ‘It’s about time, I work weekends and those little pricks woke me up every time. No consideration for the people who live around the area at all.’

This was backed up by another poster who wrote, ‘I seen them going up there and about time the Garda did something about it.’

However some didn’t agree with one saying, ‘Ah shut up crying, yous would be wingeing if they were doing it on a public road being a danger to other people, going to happen regardless may as well be a train station,’