Orla Grimes

Poor old Charlie the cat has only eight lives left.

Some thug shot the poor cat with a,22 calibre bullet in Kells last Monday and owner Orla Grimes has taken to social media to try and track down whoever pulled the trigger.

She posted on Facebook, ‘ Charlie was shot from a distance with a point 22 calibre bullet on Monday, 27th June in the residential area of Williamstown.

‘He was shot late Monday morning/noonish and thankfully brought to the vets at 2.30 pm, where the vets did an amazing job on him. He lost an eye and hearing in one ear. Charlie was extremely lucky to have survived and that the bullet entered his eye and lodged in the lower back of the head.

‘We have reported all to the Gardai and also have the bullet. I’m looking for any information or if you saw anything Monday in the Williamstown area/Carlanstown Road or back roads, as I’m not willing to let this lie, he was shot in a residential area. And I will not rest till I find out who did this.

‘If people think it’s a sport to shoot pets or maybe next time it could hit a child… the person responsible shouldn’t be in possession of a rifle. I also have flyers which I will be giving out to local houses looking for extra information. If you are responsible I suggest you contact me, as I will have no problem making your name public.

Any information greatly appreciated.’