Sinn Féin TD Darren O Rourke has told HSE bosses they need to invest in Navan hospital rather than trying to close it.
And in a clear message to the health body he has called for massive support at next Saturday’s protest march in the town.
He told Meath Live, “The letters from 23 consultants at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital are a game-changer. Not only do they show the real concern amongst frontline clinicians, they show, based on the HSE’s own data, that the proposed reforms will make matters worse not better. In seeking to address an acknowledged risk at Navan Hospital, the HSE intend to transfer that risk to Drogheda and make it even greater.
“This is completely reckless. The fact that leading managers in the HSE, including Dr. Gerry McEntee, have doubled down on their defence of the HSE position is outrageous. They seem completely unwilling to even acknowledge the consequences of their plan, never mind address them.
“The HSE plan will make matters worse. Any suggestion that they should proceed should be ruled out of hand. Similarly, any suggestion from the Minister for Health that a ‘pause for review’ will suffice, should be ruled out of hand.
“What we need is a clear plan to invest in Navan A&E in order to address any and all safety concerns and to put it on a long-term sustainable path to deliver excellent care for the growing population of Co. Meath. The Minister must remove the threat of closure. Nothing less will do. I would encourage thousands onto the streets of Navan this Saturday to make that message loud and clear.”