The chairman of the Save Navan Hospital campaign, Peadar Tóibín TD has stated that new evidence has proven the HSE figures that are regularly quoted by Gerry McEntee are inaccurate.
He told Meath Live, “A letter written by Consultants in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda quotes the Navan Hospital iPIMS system. This system breaks down the category of patients that present at Navan Hospital A&E every day.
The data is also available to the Minister for Health and the Department of Health. According to that data, there have been in the last year 25,284 attendances at Navan A&E. This is broken down as 6,355  GP referrals,3,308 presentations by ambulance, 3,509 Medical admissions, 4176 surgical presentations and 6,715 self-presenting medical presentations”.
“This data when analysed by senior clinicians in Drogheda shows that between 37 and 47 patients every day who would currently attend Navan A&E would have to attend the Drogheda A&E in future if our A&E is closed. This is the key content of the letter these Clinicians wrote to the Minister in the last few days. This stands in stark contrast to the 4 or 5 patients being quoted by Gerry McEntee and other HSE management”.
“That the raw data analysed by the most senior clinicians working at the coal face in the region would diverge so significantly from the figures provided by the HSE is a cause of major worry. How can people have confidence in the HSE’s plan when the data that they are using is so far off the reality.
“The HSE plan will lead to additional overcrowding at Drogheda. It will shift the risk to Drogheda without ever fixing the risk. To fix the risk and improve patient safety, we in the Save Navan Hospital Campaign are calling for the restoration of acute Surgery Services at Navan Hospital now. Well, over ten thousand people will take to the streets of Navan this Saturday to demand that the HSE start to put patient safety first. “