Fine Gael councillor Noel French has expressed his frustration at not being able to tell people when repair work on the Millennium bridge in the town will be completed.

The wooden bridge that connects Castle Street to the Porchfields area has been shut down for the last fortnight due to structural damage and French admits he hasn’t a clue when it will be fixed.

He told Meath Live, ‘People have been asking me when it will be back in use and I have no answer I genuinely haven’t a clue what is happening with it.

‘As you might gather from the name it was built in 2000 and I would have imagined it should have a longer life span than this and the closure is causing problems.

‘It provides access from Porchfields to the town and for visitors going to Trim Castle but at the moment nobody is going anywhere on it.’

A council spokesperson told Meath Live, ‘ The pedestrian bridge in Trim leading from the Castle Street Car Park to the Yellow Steeple/Porchfields area was closed recently due to structural damage.

‘Meath County Council has commissioned a structural engineering report and when the recommendations from this report are received they will be addressed.  It is not known at this time what the extent of damage is and it may take some time to repair this bridge, a local detour will be put in place during this time.’