Fianna Fáil councillor Tommy Reilly has sensationally revealed that health minister Stephen Donnelly gagged HSE bosses from discussing the proposed closure of the A&E at Navan hospital with local councillors.

Reilly’s bombshell claim came after councillors met yesterday with HSE representatives to discuss the issue.

He told Meath Live, ‘ The clinical director of Our Lady’s Gerry McEntee said that straight out, he told us that for the last eight months HSE officials were what he described as ‘gagged’ from speaking to any politician about what was going to happen at Our Lady’s.

‘I find that wrong as our role is to filter this kind of information back to the general public, and really it doesn’t look good when someone asks a councillor what’s happening with the hospital and we can’t answer them, people need to know that under the directive from the minister we were to be told nothing.

‘The meeting yesterday was cordial but ultimately pointless as the HSE have their mind made up and are not for changing it.’