Fianna Fáil TD for Meath East and Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne has appeared to say those who are suggesting that Navan hospital is closing are talking bullshit.

In an astonishing outburst on LMFM’s Michael Reade Show this morning Byrne sounded like he was backing the HSE in the row over the proposed closure of Navan’s A&E, when he blasted, ‘ If a senior doctor tells me lives are at risk there who the hell am I or any other TD with no medical qualifications to contradict him.

‘And this thing about Navan hospital closing is bullshit and the nonsense has to stop.’

Byrne then seemed to suggest the HSE proposal to replace the A&E with a medical assessment unit will happen  as he added,  ‘We have to ensure that this is done properly and that lives are saved,’