Local Sinn Féin TD’s, Darren O’Rourke and Johnny Guirke have called on other local TD’s to back their party’s motion of no confidence in the government which will be heard next week

Guirke told Meath Live, “This is a government that has now lost its parliamentary majority, and is failing to tackle the cost of living and housing crises. It is time to make way for a government that will put workers and families first.

“Sinn Féin is tabling a motion of no-confidence in the government, which will be debated during our private members’ time in the Dáil next Tuesday.

 “People in Meath will know all too well how the government’s failures have impacted on their lives. We have a government that has failed to deliver on housing and health.

 “They have refused to bring forward an emergency budget to tackle the rising cost of living and will not cut the cost of energy utilities, rents or childcare at a time of financial crisis for workers and families. Meanwhile, people in Meath are struggling to keep on top of their bills as the cost of living continues to spiral.

 O’Rourke added,”This is a government that is out of ideas, out of touch and out of time. People in Meath are paying the price for this government’s failures.

 “The government have lost their Dáil majority and it is time to make way for a government that will put workers and families first.

 “That is the proposition we will be putting to the Dáil next week. This will now be over to TDs to decide. TDs in Meath have a choice. They can vote for more of the same, or they can join with us and vote for change. This is the time to take sides – you can stand with workers and families, or stand with the chaos and dysfunction of the current government,’