What’s seldom is wonderful!

And amazingly Apcoa accepts they messed up in the dreaded Forester’s car park last Saturday.

As you will recall Meath Live intervened when the clamper persistently refused to remove the clamp from a lady’s car despite the fact she showed him she had already paid the release fee.

He detained her for over two hours when there was no need to.

APCOA then attempted to hide behind the red tape of GDPR when we asked them for a comment so we replied stating we were not breaching GDPR rules and now the clampers supreme have caved in on this one.

Ryan Farnworth of Apcoa has told us ‘In instances where the clamp is not removed within the estimated 2 hours, we would encourage the motorist to note the details regarding time and submit an appeal via clamp-appeal.apcoa.ie.     This can then be investigated with the appeals team, and the fee returned accordingly. ‘In this instance, it would seem that the clamp remained on the vehicle just over the 2-hour time frame.     We offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that was caused. ‘

So if anyone knows Shirley, she was too shy to give us her second name, the lady who was clamped tell her to appeal immediately.

We don’t know her second name but we do have her car reg so if you think you know her and want to help get in touch with us.