Trim residents have taken to social media to warn of youngsters on bikes playing a dangerous game of ‘chicken’ with motorists.
On a local Facebook group, one warned, ‘Be very very careful around the gang of young lads on bikes around the town, saw then literally TRYING to get hit by a car, swerving into traffic on purpose….looking for a claim no doubt.’
Another advised, ‘They are children doing this, they are making bad choices, I’m worried as well that this will end up with one of them seriously hurt or injured and then the poor driver having to deal with this too.’
A third poster was  even blunter in their assessment, ‘Up to no good no doubt I passed them not so long ago and they were on the path on bikes and wanted me to move out of their way no change a little manners doesn’t cost anything little shits.’
As Sgt Phil Esterhaus used to say when sending his patrol out on duty in Hill Street Blues, ‘Let’s be careful out there.’