The Cathaoirleach of the Save Navan Hospital Campaign has learned that HSE management is meeting with staff representatives in Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan, today 12th July’22, to brief them on the ongoing plans to close Navan A&E.

A shell-shocked Toíbin told Meath Live, “This is incredible. The democratically elected Minister for Health has told the HSE to pause the closure of the A&E in Navan due in large part to medic concerns about the lack of capacity in Drogheda and yet in complete disregard for the democratic process in this country the HSE management is meeting with staff reps today to continue the process of closure.

Toibin leading the massive rally last Saturday, 9th July’22

“Individual managers need to think about what they are doing. It is deeply undemocratic what’s happening. Are they a law unto  themselves? Are they immune to the democratic authority of this republic? I am calling on the Minister for Health to investigate the actions of individual managers if they continue to operate contrary to the decision of the Minister”.

“This meeting is happening just 3 days after thousands of people marched through Navan to protect the A&E. It’s happening just 2 weeks after 23 Consultants in Drogheda penned a letter to the Minister to say that closure would be dangerous to life and health. It comes shortly after hospital data shows that 8 times the number of patients will travel to Drogheda A&E than the HSE plans first indicated. The Minister has stated that there needs to be a review of capacity in Drogheda before any decision is made. No review is complete”.

“The Minister has also been asked to review what services are necessary in Navan hospital to ensure that the A&E can remain open and operate safely. I have been told that this is not happening at all. If the decision on the future of Navan A&E is to be based on science and the best patient outcome, it is paramount that this review happens. There is an incredible absence of Ministerial authority. There is an inversion of the democratic process. The government needs to listen to the thousands of people in Meath took to the streets on Saturday and protect our health service”.