Teenage couples are having sex in alleyways in the Millbrook area of Johnstown.

And one shocked man told us, ‘They are usually that strung out on drugs they don’t know where they are.’

The resident continued, ‘The anti-social behaviour is an ongoing issue, drug dealing is done openly, the third car park over is where they do their deals as it offers the quickest exit route if the cops arrive.

‘When they get high it’s a regular occurrence that they will pair off and have sex up against the wall in the alleyways that run down the sides of the houses.

‘Vandalism is an ongoing problem, graffiti is regularly sprayed not only on walls but on the windows of houses and recently one woman had her electricity box ripped open and the wires disconnected for no reason other than some kids thought it was funny.

‘I know of one woman who caught a guy writing on her window and complained to his parents and a few weeks later all her house front was pelted with eggs.

‘Most parents won’t believe their kids are like that but in fairness when they are shown CCTV footage they do tend to call them to order.

‘We have been advised not to bother calling Navan Garda station as they rarely answer the phone so now if anything happens we dial 999 , as it is deemed an emergency guards do respond.

‘A major reason for all the problems is the lack of amenities for youngsters,they do a lot of it through sheer boredom but parents need to exercise more responsibility  as well.’