Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has urged Bus Eireann,’ Stop stopping our buses.’

His plea came as it emerged that the transport company had cancelled the  NX , the 101, the 103 and the 109 bus services from Navan to Dublin on Thursday and Friday last.

He told Meath Live,  “The cancellations of these buses are all too familiar and too regular for Meath commuters. It’s a serious imposition on them.

“A cancelled bus leaves people late for work and to appointments. When this happens regularly it can put jobs and health treatments in jeopardy. It can also leave people stranded for hours. It’s another assault on public transport in Meath which has been a constant over the past few months.

“Despite the Meath population growing by 12.9% in the last six years, despite Meath having the largest commuting population in the country and Meath commuters commuting further than any other county this government has failed to provide dependable transport infrastructure for the people of Meath”.

 “We’ve seen the government implement ambitious plans for infrastructure for Dublin, such as the MetroLine. But at the same time, for less ambitious projects like the Navan to Dublin Rail Line.

“This line has been promised for decades and our population now makes it a necessity yet this government is completely unclear about when it will be delivered. Given the population increase experienced by the county in recent years, we need a concrete commitment and ring-fenced funding”.

 “The cancellation of the bus services is another kick in the teeth for Meath commuters to Dublin. Between this, the four tolls and the extortionate tax on fuel, the government is forcing tens of thousands of Meath workers to spend hours commuting to work and paying a fortune to do so”