Labour’s Ratoath area representative, Eilish Balfe, has pleaded with HSE bosses, ‘Do something, anything, with your derelict site in the centre of Ratoath.’

The land which is in the centre of the village was bought by the HSE in 2002 for €100,000 and has been lying idle ever since.

A meeting between HSE staff and local councillors scheduled for last week was postponed, and Independent councillor Nick Killian has suggested the centre be used as a respite centre or a primary care centre, something Balfe doesn’t necessarily disagree with.

She told Meath Live, ‘My personal preference would be for a community playground and park to be built there but I can also see the merit in Nick’s suggestion.2

‘My only concern about that would be if there is to be a respite centre for the people of Meath would it not be better to locate it somewhere more central.

‘This land is really a local issue with a local solution available in that we need a community park, but right now I would settle for the HSE doing anything positive with the site.’