Thieves are feckin off with the feckin signs from the home village of one of the creators of Fr Ted,

And it is costing the local council a feckin fortune to replace the roadside signs in the Louth village of Termonfeckin near Drogheda, home of scriptwriter Arthur Matthews who with co-writer Graham Linehan popularised the expression,’feck’ through the sitcoms Fr Jack Hackett.

Replica signs can be bought for around €40 euro each but the originals but there is a black market in originals which sell to Irish bars across the world for up to five times that amount,

Now the Lady Mayor of Drogheda, Labour’s Michelle Hall, who also lives in the small village, is not feckin happy.

She told Meath Live, ‘It is not feckin on and has been happening for feckin months,

‘ The first one went missing around Christmas and another one was taken two months ago so now any visitors who arrive here don’t know where they feckin are!’

That is if they can find Termonfeckin in the first place as the feckin robbers have stolen the sign from the M1 exit as well.

Michelle said, ‘We can have a laugh about the other two but this one going missing is actually quite dangerous when you take the exit off the M1 and are looking for Termonfeckin it is very easy to miss the turn as there is no sign and it can lead to chaos.

‘I have notified the Council about it, I don’t know the exact cost but each of those signs would cost a few hundred euro to replace.’

Now that is not feckin funny!