Gardai are investigating a vicious brawl that erupted in a seaside village last Monday evening which saw golf clubs and baseball bats being used as weapons..

Our exclusive video footage shows a man bundling a woman to the ground on the street at Laytown, County Meath, before a blonde woman comes in and repeatedly boots the fallen girl in the face.

One eyewitness told Meath Live, ‘It was a savage fight, the whole thing had been bubbling up for hours before it erupted.

‘All over the weekend hundreds of youths had been gathering at a railway bridge and jumping into the sea for a swim, they were arriving by train from both Drogheda and Balbriggan, and while there were a lot of them the atmosphere was good-natured but that all changed on Monday.

‘Maybe tempers rose along with the temperature, which hit the thirties, but whatever wound them up it kicked off between a teenager and an adult around 3.0 and there were punches thrown, but that scuffle broke up before cops arrived.


‘Then around 6.45 the guy who had got the worst of that exchange arrived back with a lot of friends and all hell broke loose.

‘I saw guys wielding golf clubs and at least one was using a baseball bat, it was basically teens against adults and both men and women were having a right go at each other.

‘At least six squad cars turned up and while they were heavily outnumbered they were very good and very proactive and in fairness, their presence calmed things down and everyone left.

‘It was a scary few hours and mums and kids walking past were caught up in it.’

A Garda spokesperson said, ‘ Gardai are investigating a public order incident that occurred on the Coast Road in Laytown on Monday 18th of July. No arrests have been made and investigations are continuing.’