Big Boy; Very tasty

With Curran’s garage at Ross Cross and Ratoath GAA coffee shop both claiming to have Ireland’s biggest and best ’99’ ice cream we felt we owed it to the people of Meath to test their claims so we sent our Amy undercover to give her verdict.

Here’s what she had to say.

The “big boy” in Curran’s service station was bigger than the “big defender” but bigger does not mean better.

The Big boy tasted more like a watered-down ice cream instead of fresh, the flake definitely wasn’t Cadburys, melted too quickly, the thing was so big it was practically falling off the cone, and the cone was soggy before I could finish eating the top half, the staff were also not that talkative and the station didn’t seem very clean. But it is €4 which is basically a fiver for a 99 which wasn’t that good! and there was nowhere to sit and eat your ice cream!

But the Big defender, situated in GAA Ratoath, was very fresh and tasty ice cream, it wasn’t melting as quick, the flake was rich it was definitely Cadburys, and it was a really enjoyable amount of ice cream, the staff were beyond nice down there and the shed the ice cream is served in is very clean along with benches to sit down in. The price was only €3! Which I think is well worth it also the fact you get a nice seat and can watch a match on the pitch.

Overall the Big defender definitely won.

It’s the Mick Lyons of ’99’s’#