You don’t always get what you expect but here in Ireland (with our true Irish weather) we know that and as preparations got underway earlier today the Keenan family and the team were doing their best to get ready for tonight’s 50th Anniversary Party and Music Bonanza.

Zooropa (U2 tribute band) headlines along with The Furry Gilberts, The Irish Rolling Stones, Sterio Jacks and Apnos provide the music

 We have had a week of great sunshine and fun, and people I’m sure are in good spirits. The smell of BBQ wafted over the county as people went out and partied.

So too I’m sure that same good feeling prevails at ‘The Round O’ this week and tonight.

Well, the sun ain’t shining but the beer is flowing and the crowd are out enjoying themselves at the famous watering venue. Fifty years in any business is a great achievement in any business but in an era now where the philosophy of a quick money grab is all too common The Keenan Family have kept to the task. They produce quality food and drink in a very friendly and professional manner. You see many of the same faces, staff and customers alike. There are over 38 people working with the Keenans. You just won’t find too many places that can say that in the town of Navan as it stands.

With the relationship of’ The Round O’ starting way back in 1972, Navan was then a much smaller town. There were no mines but you had Navan Carpets furniture and farming the main jobs of the day then. Many workers lived in the north of the town as it started to grow. Yet it was always a famous focal and meeting point of the town. Tom and Mona bought it  and built up a great trade they were joined by Gerry Lynch & family who then moved on in the early 80s to  open the very popular Equus, now sadly no more

 Incidentally, Tom Keenan and Gerry Lynch were both Monaghan men who were ambitious and hardworking characters who instilled that same work ethic in the families. 

Mark Keenan now manages and runs the venue, his sister Marie and the team. They will remember their family Tom and Caroline looking down no doubt a tear or two will be shed but this week is also a time of celebration and Mona too will be happy enjoying the achievement. There will always be change and improvements along the way and there is a new Rose Garden coming and a retractable roof.


‘The Round O’ is up there with the best and that is no mean feat in Irish Hospitality.