NO!! There is not a shortage of petrol or diesel today Sunday 24th July, the good marketing gurus are giving 

away special promotions and fuel are available at their stations across the country at €1.78.

It’s their birthday so get a piece of the petrol cake!

There are traffic jams all over the place judging by the pictures sent to us by a keen local photographer in Athlumney.

The place is jammed for how long the offers last we don’t really know but you can’t blame the poor hard-pressed overtaxed motorists when they have a bargain price.

We have given the heads up.

I think when it’s gone it’s gone.


The fuel prices jumped back up at 11.47 am There was a reduction of 24.7 cents not bad if you got it.

There are other promotions in-store you can check out on social media or at any of the  Apple Green shops/fuel stations.