Kells Pitch & Putt Club faces an uncertain future after the Covid outbreak stalled
playing activity and separate plans by its host owners, Gael Colmcille GFC, to move
its facilities to an alternative location.
In the words of Kells Pitch & Putt Club member Noel Farrell, “we are currently all but
homeless and we don’t know if we have a future or not.”
His comments come after the arrival of Covid 19 in March 2020 put a stop to all pitch
 & putt activity at the Club which is part of the land at Gael Colmcille GFC in the

According to Noel, “Croke Park issued an instruction in the Spring of 2020 that all
activities on GAA grounds were to halt as the virus took hold.
“Since the lockdown measures on Covid were relaxed earlier this year, it seems most
pitch & putt players in the Kells area have lost interest in the sport.
“The grass has grown, greens need to be mowed and the upkeep of the grounds
maintained but, unfortunately, we are struggling to attract volunteers and players,” he
The Club found itself further ‘in the rough’ after Gael Colmcille GFC decided to sell
it’s land at Gardenrath Kells for housing to fund the development of a new GAA centre
at nearby Grangegodden on the Athboy road.
Noel Farrell added, “the sale and development of that land has now been completed
subject to an appeal to An Bord Pleanála however it could be the end of the year
before decisions, there are reached.”
He went on to say that Gael Colmcille GFC have promised Kells Pitch & Putt Club a site at
the new Grangegodden facility subject to adequate interest from pitch and putt

“We’re in a bit of a catch-22 situation at the moment. It would appear we can’t
develop a new playing ground unless we have enough players but the problem is,
most of our members have stopped using our course at Gael Colmcille due to a fall-
off in interest since the Covid virus took hold.
“In fact, some local pitch & putt enthusiasts are leaving the Town to play elsewhere.
“We need to have a minimum of 15 members in order to be formally registered with
the Pitch & Putt Union of Ireland and at the moment, that is turning out to be a
struggle,” said Noel.

Kells Pitch & Putt Club was founded in 1974 and has produced some of the top
players in the country.“Maureen Reddy was an All-Ireland Champion in the 1980s and a few of our
members have won Leinster titles so there’s definitely talent in the area,” Noel said.
An appeal has been launched for new members to bolster the survival of the Club.
Noel said, “If people want to join, they can contact me on 087-671-9735.
“The more people who join up, the better our chances are of staying in business,
otherwise Pitch & Putt in Kells will be no more after 48 years.”