Plans for a new Public Realm Plan in Duleek are at an advanced stage, Meath Live can reveal.

A team of experts from Belfast who specialise in developing public spaces, recently
visited the east Meath village to assess what needs to be done in order to improve and
update the various public spaces in the area.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Stephen McKee told Meath Live that the Plan is progressing at a steady pace.

Fianna Fail’s Stephen McKee

“At our recent Council meeting, personnel from Queen’s University Belfast
who are collaborating with the Planning Section of Meath County Council, made an
impressive presentation outlining their ideas on how to improve and enhance all the
public spaces in Duleek including street layout and how best to create a functional and
pleasant environment in which to live, shop and interact for everyone.’

According to Councillor McKee, a co-ordinated approach will be required to develop
public infrastructure in the Village in order to improve the quality of life for local

‘It will be important that adequate funding is provided to ensure that any agreed
Public Realm Plan can be fully funded and that the work is fully carried out,” he said.
The key issue of managing the growing amount of traffic passing through the village
will also be crucial in how the Plan plays out in the coming years.

‘How we manage traffic and road safety in Duleek is a major issue. I would like to see
the completion of the Main Street Traffic Management Plan as soon as possible and a
new pedestrian crossing down on the Drogheda side of the village.

“Traffic calming is badly needed also on the Station Road, the Longford Road, the
Navan Road and out at Duleek Soccer Club at Carranstown. There are just far too
many HGVs coming through the village.

“Long-term, the By-pass is critical. I am also seeking to secure funding under the
National & Safe Routes To School Programme’ to make the route safer from the centre
of Duleek out to the National Schools and to include a full cycle lane,’ said Councillor

The draft Public Realm Plan is expected to be completed in the coming weeks and
will then go on display for reaction and input from residents in Duleek.

According to Councillor McKee, the people of Duleek will get an opportunity to have
their say on the Plan and that engagement with local residents will be crucial so that
the final application of the project will be to the satisfaction of everybody in the