Former Dublin footballer Wayne McCarthy, who was both a player and selector under Colm O’Rourkes management at Simonstown has told Meath Live the new Royals manager can galvanise the whole scene in Meath.


And McCarthy is adamant that O’Rourke is right to say that beating Dublin is the benchmark of success.


He told Meath Live, ‘ Colm’s biggest asset around the dressing room is his sheer presence, he commands respect when he talks because he has been there and done it and I guarantee you one thing every single player in that room will want to die for the shirt when Colm has finished talking.


‘He is such a legendary figure that the best young players in Meath will all want to be involved.


‘He is right to aim high and have a cut at taking down the Dubs if you don’t have a goal like that the whole thing could be a bit pointless, and he will certainly instill a belie it can be done.’


McCarthy also points out a side of the new manager that may not be glaringly apparent at first glance.


‘At Simonstown there was a player called Stephen Moran who generally operated at full forward but Colm spotted something in him that suggested he might be better off at full back, it wasn’t obvious to me, but it transformed Stephen transformed the defence and eventually helped win the Keegan Cup so yes he is tactically aware.


‘At the same time, and I am sure he would say this himself he needs to bring in an experienced inter county coach who will make Meath more difficult than they are at the moment, and one thing I am certain of Colm will listen to good advice.


‘But as I said earlier his sheer presence in a dressing room inspires those sharing it with him and that is the key to being a good manager.’


MeanwhileBernardFlynn,who had former Mayo boss StephenRochfordas part of his backroom team in his unsuccessful bid has tweeted his disappointment at hearing the news of the new manage

Bernard Flynn

l sincerely wish Colm and all the lads all the very best going forward it was disappointing to find out on social media yesterday who the next manager would be, but a massive thank you to my entire back room team for their loyalty efforts and genuine support