Residents of Ratoath who were taking a walk in the local forest have come across a few fires in the area of late and have taken to social media to vent their anger. 

One posted “Some idiot (s) lit a fire in the woods, I spent the last 20 mins making sure all embers were out considering the recent weather and the ground so dry, some teens stopped to help get water in the river.

 “Thanks to the teens that helped and between us we filled dozens of empty bottles from the river to dampen the smouldering flames.”

Another poster summed up “There is a shortage of a lot of things in this world, but there is never a shortage of idiots. And we sure have our fair share in this village.”

As for the second reported fire, one woman posted “it’s disgraceful. It was a full fire.  The fire was stacked with branches. Very deliberate. My jeans are burnt too. So dangerous.

 “ The mindset is  set on destruction until someone gets badly burnt or even killed or it travels to a house and it gets burnt to the ground. Common sense is nowhere to be found”

Residents came up with the solution not only to report the incident but “Little scumbags. Nothing but trouble. You can have nothing with them. Maybe it’s time we started a ‘concerned neighbourhood patrol’