Meath Live understands that Meath County Council is investigating allegations that emails to staff may have been interfered with and in some cases deleted.


Multiple sources have told Meath Live that the emails concerned were in relation to a tenant in an apartment, rented from a private landlord but with council involvement as the tenant is on the Rental Accommodation Scheme, (RAS), complaining about the landlords failure to carry out repairs and allowing the apartment fall into disrepair.


The tenant believes it is an attempt to force them out.


A council inspector has visited the property in recent weeks


The tenant had posted extensive details of their allegations on social media but subsequently removed them.


One source revealed, ‘The allegation centres around a person having the ability to access emails sent to the council and delete them so the intended recipient would never get them.

‘The emails were from the tenant who is on the RAS scheme complaining about the state the landlord had left the house in their reluctance to carry out promised repairs and  the threat of eviction.

‘The tenant believes the lack of repair work is a deliberate attempt to remove them.’


A legal source said, ‘If the tenant believes correspondence has been interfered with not alone should they contact the council but also Gardai and the Data Protection Commissioner’


Meath County Council have been contacted for comment.