A Golden Labrador in Julianstown is experiencing viral stardom after videos of her acting as a shopkeeper for her owners were widely shared online.

Belle the adorable Labrador works in a small, family-run shop in County Meath, and is in fact the third dog to do so, following in the paw-steps of two German Shepherds who came before her.

Three-year-old Belle has become a bit of a celebrity after multiple videos of her dealing with customers, including the vitally important exchanging of money, were uploaded to video-sharing site TikTok.

One video, from user @Morganreid21, sees the TikTok user walk up the shop, based near Julianstown in Meath, where the shopkeeper-pup begins barking to announce their arrival.

The door is unlocked, and the boys pick up some sweets and drinks– and give Belle the Labrador some head-pats– before going to the till to pay.

At the till, they are greeted by the gorgeous three-year-old dog, who waits slightly impatiently for them to hand over the money– she takes the €10 note from his hand and, carrying it in her mouth, passes it over to the shop’s owner to make the change.

And it’s not just Belle who gained online stardom for her role in the local shop– before she was Bláthnaid, who was just as good as Belle at serving customers.

In 2017, Bláthnaid went viral on Facebook as a man passing through the town, Abe Neihum, recorded her hanging out behind the til and taking the money from his hand.

The video of Bláthnaid, described as “a local cashier that gets pretty annoyed if you hand anyone else the cash”, was posted to the popular group Dogspotting, where it garnered thousands of likes.

You can check that out below.