If you don’t believe us, watch the attached video that has gone viral on social media.

A man apparently oblivious to the danger he was in is videoed walking along the main N3 near Blanchardstown

last Friday 5th August’22 during the day!

He was just walking down the middle of the busy road into Blanchardstown with no regard to traffic or indeed himself.

The garda were notified by drivers and some made various comments as below;

Many people called him a “muppet” others said “would you not be better off seeing was the man ok, instead of recording and taking pictures of him.”

other people report that the “chap isn’t well mentally”

People hope he gets the help he needs as he may be under the influence but many think it’s just a joke, and garda were notified.

We will let you know as we learn more.

See the video below;