There’s a new scam doing the rounds and it is a good one.

It’s that good they tried it on Meath Live

One of our numbers got a WhatsApp message from 089 9781874 saying Dad my other phone has crashed this is my new temporary number message me if you’ve seen this.

So he did only to be told that the sender, supposedly his son was trying to order a new phone but couldn’t as when he tried to pay message for authorising the payment were sent to the broken phone.

So far that all sounded reasonable and our man was okay with it until the scammer said, ‘Send me a picture of the front and back of your card and I can buy it with that,’

At that point, a whole shed full of alarm bells began ringing as our man had moments earlier received a call from his son whose phone had clearly not been broken.

Messages from the 089 number were then blocked

The advice if you get a similar message is to ring who they are claiming it is from to check.