A shocking video has emerged which shows two men brawling in broad daylight less than 500 metres from Navan Garda station in the middle of last week.

The two-minute-long footage taken at the bus stop on the town’s Abbey Road begins with a clearly bigger and younger man landing a sweet left hook on his opponent before walking away to collect his rucksack.

The man who was hit then shouts something after his assailant who discards his backpack and lunges at him a second time.

After they exchange blows the older man encourages the other one to fight by roaring, ‘C’mon C’mon’ to which the taller one responds by sticking his chin out and daring the other one to hit it.

After a few futile swings, the bigger one walks away saying, ‘I don’t want to fight with that prick.’

The older man then calls his attacker a ‘ F***in cowardly c**t’

Hostilities resume moments later but stop immediately when the bigger man spots a Garda patrol car drive past.

The cops clearly see what is going on and the footage ends as they return and get out to sort things out.

Mayor of Navan Eddie Fennessy told Meath Live, ‘ Transport Police are what is required, there are ongoing problems both on transport in Navan and at this particular bus stop.

‘There are CCTV cameras in the area but they don’t appear to be a huge deterrent, there are plans in train to move all these services to Kennedy Road when roadworks there conclude but that could be 14 months away.’