Residents in a number of Ashbourne housing estates have been kicking up a stink over the smell of slurry being spread adjacent to their homes.

People living in the Garden City, Churchfields, Alderbrook and The Briars estates have reported that the stench has been so strong in recent weeks that humans and animals have been ill.

However it appears that a visit from council inspectors has rectified the situation slightly.

One source told Meath Live, ‘ The lands where, what is pig slurry, is being spread are quite close to the estates and the smell was very very intense, a few dogs had been ill and that was blamed on their reaction to the smell.

‘Then a few humans took ill as well which added to the disquiet and it appears at this point complaints were made to the council who sent inspectors in and after they got involved the landowners agreed to bring forward their ploughing programme and they are currently ploughing the fields which has alleviated the problem,

It is horrendous. I’m almost 20 years in Ashbourne and its never been so bad. Our 3 year old vomited with the smell the other day, she won’t even leave the house.

‘I mean it had got to the stage where we couldn’t open the windows during the recent heatwave and were unable to use the clothes line outside to dry clothes.

‘It’s rained recently but there’s still a toxic smell, it was never this bad totally disgusting imagine August and can’t open a window or sit in our gardens it’s disgraceful really.”