Now this story smells.

In fact, it stinks to high heaven,

Dog owners are frequently advised to scoop up the poop after their dog deposits its load.

It is also a legal requirement and one can be fined for failing to look after your pet dog when it fouls the public paths.

Meath County Council has plenty of signage around the towns, villages and public amenities of the county advising dog owners of

their responsibilities and duties.

But it appears that while one dog owner did just that in Ashbourne over the weekend they decided not to bother binning it,

Instead, they threw the stinking stuff into a tree in the front garden of a house!

And the owner was NOT impressed !!

Anita Rafferty posted on Facebook, ‘Someone can’t be bothered to put their dogs shit in the bin so decided to throw it in my tree, ffs why go to the bother of picking it up in the first place if you are not going to bin it

A very good question indeed.