In years to come, many will recall the abrupt and sudden change in our lifestyles and sacrifices we made in March 2020 when the world as

as we know changed so radically brought about by a pandemic we are still attempting to understand how it happened and where it started.

We lost loved ones lost our time to normality and if the truth be told we are still coming to terms with the virus.

Some people did turn the opportunity to improve their lifestyle or reconnect with life-found values and interests parked on the highway to life.

Barry Gillian well known to the people of Navan publican at the family pub on Watergate St took to cycling.

Yes, many did and continue to enjoy this leisure activity.

But Barry didn’t join a club a man happy in his own company an avid swimmer who can do over 60 lengths of the pool up at Aura again keeping to himself.

He went on his own trips about the county.


One thing he did do was kept a record of his mileage and has recorded just over 23,500 kilometres since starting to cycle!!

As he says he is happy in his own company it keeps him occupied and enhances his well-being and health.

Getting back to more mundane things and our new normality when you ask Barry what has it being like when the pubs got back up and open.

He sees the differences Ok a lot of people have come back others have stopped we just having seen them come back yet.

Maybe they won’t but the door is always open.

Clem’s well-known hostelry famous for a good pint of Guinness sees changes in people. When you work in a pub you get to know your customers

You know their mannerism and habits you know who can take a joke who can’t who can be wound up etc

The famous craic and hospitality will never be lost but talking to Barry he notices the changes.

‘There is a tough winter coming people are being careful with their money the dogs on the street can see it’

And off he goes to do another spin on his bike.