Dramatic photos have emerged that show three teenagers standing at the top of a 70-metre-high water tower with only a set of broken railings between them and the ground.

It’s understood they clambered up as part of a challenge posted on social media

The incident which was captured on camera last week is the latest in a series of similar stunts being performed by youngsters in Dunboyne county Meath in recent weeks.

Local councillor Damien O’Reilly told Meath Live, ‘Getting up and down the tower is relatively easy as Irish Water has left a long ladder attached to one side of it for when they need to do maintenance work but when you get up there it is very dodgy.

‘The tower hasn’t been used for around 20 years as Dunboyne is linked to different mains but Irish Water has kept it in case they ever need it.

‘Climbing up it seems to be a recent development, and there are rumours it may be related to a social media challenge.’

One source revealed, ‘Young lads have been doing this as some sort of dare and it is crazy as one slip when climbing up or down and they are in big bother.

‘From what I gather it is to do with posting videos on the TikTok social media channel they race against the clock to see who gets up there the quickest.’