OnlyFans  is a social media site that allows users to charge subscribers a monthly fee and in return they provide exclusive content for those paying fans. It has been in the news recently as some Irish content creators who use the app have revealed how much they are earning from their subscribers.

While it has gained attention for its more raunchy users, anyone can set up an account and provide any content they choose. The creators of the app say: “As far as we’re concerned, if you use social media and produce your own content, you should be using OnlyFans. Whether you’re uploading tutorials, tips, behind the scenes footage or just endless selfies, a lot of your followers would be willing to pay for them.”

 As for subscribers, they say it is an opportunity to get exclusive content from the people they enjoy following on social media. “Wouldn’t you be happy to pay a small subscription fee to see exclusive content and live streaming from the people you love? That’s the beauty of OnlyFans… The real fans are rewarded for their support.”

TikTok star Matty Gilbert, known as the ‘Irish Viking’, joined OnlyFans after getting 1.9 million followers on TikTok. He spoke with Claire Byrne and described how he earns more in just one month than ever made in a full year. He left his job to build his OnlyFans account as his main source of income, where he makes around $60,000 (€49,500) per month. He has 3,000 followers on the platform and set up his account four months ago.

The site began to permit sexually explicit content last October and it appears Meath women are cashing in.

Meath ladies are taking over only fans racking up millions of likes and a fortune in euros. Meath Live noticed a recent trend using an OnlyFans search engine to see how many women from the Royal County are riding the gravy train of the phenomenon that is the OnlyFans craze and it emerged that Meath girls are amongst the most in demand in the country!

Do the maths and it seems the local lasses have taken in a staggering €250,000 over the last year